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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Common Interview Question- Tell Me about Yourself

This is a question you will likely be asked any time you are attending an interview either as a fresh graduate or as an experienced candidate. The way interviewers frame the question may slightly be different from one another but ultimately them mean the same thing. The questions may sound like these:
• Can we meet you?
• Quickly introduce yourself.
• Tell me about yourself.
These are most frequently asked questions in any interview; a question you may not avoid and traditionally it comes at the beginning of an interview.
 Therefore, if you know that the interviewer will definitely ask you this question, it gives you an opportunity to think ahead of what your answer to the question will be. Experts advise that you should be careful about this so that it will not sound as if the answer is rehearsed. Your answer should flow naturally. Remember that this is a chance for you to make a good first impression about yourself. Your answer should be short and well articulated.
After mentioning your names, interviewers expect to hear about what you have done in the past. If you are an experienced candidate, you will possibly have some achievements that if you start mentioning all of them, if might take too long time. What is expected at this point are those specific things you have done that are related to the position you are applying for. Chronologically, you start from the farthest to the present. While recounting the things you have done, if you start fidgeting, this may betray your claims. Ordinarily, candidates are expected to be confident. Therefore, learn how to stay calm.
Before you go for the interview, if you are not sure about how you can adequately answer this question, there is nothing stopping you from asking your friend or an experienced person to act as the interviewer. If the person is objective, he will be able to assess you and offer necessary advice on where you need to improve. Remember that practice makes perfect and this is the question you may not be able to avoid in any interview. Make it a plus to your assessment.

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